Datto’s highly secure cloud.

Easily restore a lost file or an entire business infrastructure in minutes.

EMS are pleased to partner with Datto – the market leading business continuity and disaster recovery, networking, business management, and file backup and sync solutions.

As the world’s leading provider of IT solutions delivered by Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Datto has created a one-of-a-kind ecosystem of partners that provide Datto solutions to half a million businesses across more than 130 countries. Since its founding in 2007, Datto has earned hundreds of awards for its rapid growth, product excellence, superior technical support, and for fostering an outstanding workplace.

Offer Peace of Mind

With a BCDR solution that is simple, smart, and effective.

Prepare customers for disaster

With total data protection from devastating system failures, natural disasters, and human error.

Provide an affordable option

With an Opex ongoing service contract.

Share the responsibility

With Datto’s Support Team 24/7/365, at every stage and during disasters.

Protect customers from ransomware

By quickly restoring the business infrastructure to a moment before the attack.


Ransomware Protection

Datto Partners offer a three-layered solution to protecting clients from cyber criminals seeking ransomware. With this layered approach, clients get the tools they need to arm themselves in the war on cyber extortion:

  • Inability to operate business, process orders, support patients, or handle daily business challenges
  • Customer support failures that lead to lost trust and loyalty
  • Loss of valuable data: sensitive human resources information, intellectual property, financial information, and more
  • Lack of compliance with requirements of HIPAA, Sarbanes – Oxley (SOX), or other industry regulations – leading to fines or worse
Business Continuity Solutions

To proactively protect clients’ systems and data against disasters of all types, MSPs offer business continuity solutions that can rescue businesses and get them back online within minutes of any of these disasters:

  • Failures of hardware, software, systems, or data centers
  • Business-halting natural disasters
  • Unintentional human error or malicious insiders
Drass Solutions

Disaster Recovery as a Service solutions enable Datto Partners to leverage the cost-efficiency, flexibility, and scalability of the Datto Cloud to protect their clients.

With DRaaS, a business is only 6 seconds away from its data, no matter what kind of disaster strikes. A DRaaS solution for the client’s entire infrastructure enables their business to:

  • Continue operations without losing any data
  • Forego incurring any damage
  • Eliminate downtime in the face of disaster

For all your Business Continuity and Data Recovery requirements

Easily restore a lost file or an entire business infrastructure in minutes.

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