4G and 5G Fixed IP SIM Cards

Our Fixed IP SIM Cards are available from leading Mobile Network Operators and offer a high speed connection with a static, public IP address. This means that users can use the SIM card with their 4G/5G router and connect to that router remotely using the static IP address and thereby configure the Router for port forwarding to devices on the LAN. Traffic can thus be routed through the SIM to any device connected to the Router. A secondary benefit is the ability to provide a proof of identity so that applications can be accessed, even when behind a corporate firewall, providing a secure management service. Fixed IP data SIMS also have the potential to eliminate the costs of physical site visits or fixed line broadband installation.

Fixed IP SIM Cards are ideal for CCTV, M2M and IoT services where a simple, high speed 4G/5G remote access solution is required and can be deployed either as the primary method of connectivity or for business continuity as a back-up for when broadband or leased lines fail.

Please contact us to discuss your project requirements, locations, data allowances, geographical and network roaming capabilities etc.

Vodafone Fixed IP
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O2 Fixed IP
Global Fixed IP

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