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The i-MO 225 Series multichannel 5G Router is ideal for Bonded 5G/4G & xDSL connections, providing a branch office, home office, temporary location or mobile service with a high performance, resilient connection to the Internet or corporate LAN.

As standard the appliance is equipped with 2 x 5G compatible modems. The individual 5G links can be bonded together for extra bandwidth and resilience or can operate independently. When operated independently, different traffic types can be routed on separate LTE links (e.g. one link for data, the other for VOIP). The unit can be provisioned with up to four SIMS from diverse networks to allow for management of data allowances by means of SIM switching.. High performance MiMo type 5G aerial designs are supported (SMA type “main” and “diversity” connector for each modem / antenna).

It gives us that extra resilience and we don't have to worry about being without reliable site communications. it is a robust unit that doesn't crash.
Steve Slater, Shepherd Construction


i-MO enables us to be operational from day one, it allows us to work no differently from having a land-line. We use i-MO to access emails, drawings, Word and Excel files all on a thin client set up.
John Everitt, Clugston

Bonded 5G/4G & xDSL Connections

The i-MO 225 Series 5G router offers two Ethernet ports which can be configured either as 2 x LAN or 1 x LAN and 1 x WAN. Allows for the setup of bonding of cellular and other links or to establish failover from eg xDSL to 5G or from 5G to satellite.

The administrative web interface easily allows the appliance to be configured for link-failover (e.g. from WAN to cellular) in addition to link aggregation to increase performance.

The appliance boasts a small form factor of just 185mm x 65mm x 195mm and supports flexible mounting options. Power can either be provided by the included external AC adapter (100–240V, 50-60Hz) or alternatively the unit can be powered from a regulated 12V automotive type supply.

Two external USB 2.0 ports provide the option for additional hardware upgrades eg the use of approved external dongle style 5G modems.

Bonds multiple connections:

i-MO allows you to combine or bond wired and wireless services as you need them. The i-MO 225 Series 5G router can bond two 5G connections plus one WAN connection as standard for unrivalled speed and uptime. Add external USB devices to further enhance performance and resilience.

Bonds intelligently:

The i-MO bonding algorithm automatically distributes traffic across available connections and manages these to achieve optimal performance, equalisation of data consumption. Also offered is the facility for automatic failover between primary (e.g. DSL) and secondary (e.g. wireless) connections.

Bonds as you like it:

i-MO uses an end-to-end tunnelling protocol to aggregate bandwidth. Assembling and managing data across multiple bearers requires a suitable Appliance at either end of the link. With i-MO you have the option of using our proven vendor delivered Managed Service (no equipment required other than at the site where connectivity is required) or, alternatively, deploy our Virtual Concentrator in a maintained environment (e.g. your Data Centre) and deliver your own bonding services. All i-MO Appliances can also support simple load balancing across available connections where low cost and simplicity is a priority. Load balanced setups do not require a second endpoint appliance.

5G compatibility built in:

As standard two 5G cellular modems are embedded in the i-MO 225 Series 5G Router. These support cellular mobile data networks which comply with 5G, 4G+ / LTE-A, 4G / LTE, HSUPA, HSDPA, 3G.

The Benefits

  • "Power On" simplicity
  • Intelligent aggregation of multiple wired and wireless bearers for maximum performance & resilience. Connect to 5G (i-MO 225), 4G, 3G, DSL, WiFi, satellite etc.
  • Automatic failover / failback between wired and wireless connections
  • Up to three 5G (i-MO 225), or 4G LTE modems can be embedded with the facility to select from up to six mobile data network SIMS
  • Secure VPN from appliance to Head Office
  • Secure WiFi or Ethernet access for users
  • Options include File Share, VoIP PABX & IP CCTV
  • i-MO units can be provided either as a Managed Service or, alternatively, deploy our Virtual Concentrator in a maintained environment (e.g. your Data Centre) and deliver your own bonding services

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