From an Internet Connectivity perspective failover is the ability to maintain connectivity / business operations when one (or more) communication links fail so that processes and end-user experiences are disrupted as little as possible.

In the case of loss of a mobile network, or a fixed line or satellite link due to technical failure or signal path obstruction failover can ensure continuous connectivity.

In mission critical situations where continuous connectivity is necessary, failover minimises the impact of a downtime by getting mission-critical applications back to operation in the shortest time possible.

Backup systems can sometimes take time to activate. If the EMS iMO OptiBond device is running in bonding mode there will be no downtime as all communication links are concurrently live. If used as a standalone device, then it takes circa 15 seconds to move from one link (eg wired) to another (eg cellular).

EMS iMO OptiBond vs other routers: failover

Basic cellular routers are normally single modem / single SIM. Swapping to another provider for example a different mobile network is a manual task requiring an exchange of SIMs. EMS iMO OptiBond devices running in bonding mode can eliminate downtime entirely.

Loss of power

Loss of power would normally result in a loss of connectivity. This can be mitigated by running the system on UPS (uninterruptible power supply) with suitable battery backup. EMS produces a ruggedized kit the size of a business brief case with batteries, MIMO aerials and an OptiBond router that can be up and running in a matter of minutes, with a default running time of 8 hours.

Loss of internet connectivity + loss of power

A power failure and / or concurrent loss of all comms links will result in loss of internet. Connections will re-form once power and at least one link are restored.


EMS iMO OptiBond can support and manage diverse connectivity options, for example cellular, fixed line and satellite.
EMS iMO OPtiBond is used in all kinds of mission critical situations, for example bluelight services, events & tv production, supply chain, industrial processes and general business continuity applications.

Messaging and alerts

Connectivity status is visible at all times in EMS iMO OptiBond user interface and there is also Simple Network Mail Transmission Protocol (SNMTP) access for third party monitoring tools if required.

About the IP address

Simple failover or load balancing across connections can be an issue for applications and websites which require a static IP. Dynamic IPs or static IPs which are communication link specific may break connectivity. The static IP on an EMS iMO OptiBond Appliance running in bonding mode will not change even if the type and combination of communication links alter.

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