iMO 5G Router

5g sim router: Introducing the new EMS New iMO 225! The new EMS iMO 225 5G router

The EMS i-Mo 225 bonded 5G router is EMS’ newest addition to the iMO bonded sim router range. It offers two integrated 5G modems (downwardly compatible to 4G/3G) to create a sim router that uses multiple cellular connections to provide immediate fast internet at new, temporary and remote locations.

The i-MO 225 is an SD WAN device able to variously support link aggregation (bonding), load balancing and simple failover to provide a fast resilient connection whether you are in the marine, events, construction or logistics industries.  Up to four mobile network SIMs can be fitted (two SIMs per modem). In addition, a WAN port is available to support an external link eg a fixed line router, satellite system, a third cellular connection etc.

The i-MO 225 series load-balancing and bonding 5G router is ideal for providing a branch office, home office, new or temporary location or a mobile service with a highly resilient, high-speed connection to the Internet at a realistic price.

It could well be the best 5G sim router on the market with the potential to deliver user speeds approaching a Gigabit.

The new EMS iMO 225 5G mobile router is the ideal SD WAN device for reliable speedy internet using cellular and other broadband bearers – a 5G router for even the most demanding applications and locations.

i-MO 225 5G Bonded Router allows you to combine or bond wired and wireless services as you need them. Contact EMS today to purchase or rent your i-MO 225 5G mobile Router!

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