Fibre to the Home for new Developments ISP Neutral Network with Future-Proof infrastructure and technology. Fibre to the Home for new Developments ISP Neutral Network with Future-Proof infrastructure and technology.

Fibre to the Home (FTTH) for new Developments

Demand for superfast broadband is growing rapidly and home buyers are increasingly looking for access as an essential part of their new home.
Having access to superfast broadband allows individuals and families to use opportunities that aren't otherwise possible. This means that new employment, education, leisure and entertainment possibilities are open to all the family.

As broadband speeds increase so too do the demands for bandwidth consuming services and devices.

Our EMS Fibre strategy is to provide our Fibre services to all single and multi-dwelling premises within your development boundaries, an ISP Neutral open broadband platform, Hyper-fast Fibre network with symmetric speeds up to a possible 1Gbs and 24 x 7 support. The Fibre network has been designed to be ‘future proof’ with ‘Day One’ connectivity for house buyers.

In order to preserve the aesthetic quality of your development, the network will also provide a Fibre Integrated Reception System (FIRS) that will deliver terrestrial TV, Satellite TV and digital Radio directly to each dwelling via Fibre – no TV aerials or Satellite dishes need to be installed at the dwellings with a cost saving to the consumer.

With access to such high broadband speeds, the homes and businesses at Prince Philip Park will benefit from connectivity unseen in much of the UK. We anticipate this pioneering system of fibre optics will have a positive impact on home-working capabilities, as well as providing an improved consumer experience for residents and businesses.

As one of only ten development projects in the UK granted ‘NHS Healthy New Town’ status, we’re making it a key aim to implement infrastructure and services that support resident’s choices to live an active and social lifestyle. Implementing smart technology will enable us to do this, and this fibre optic technology is just the start.”

Technical Lead Director, Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Company

Telephone services will be available to consumers via Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) for those that require them and there are no additional ‘line rental’ charges for consumers.

All Fibres on the site will be directly connected to a ‘Meet Me’ room (an on-site convergence point) where all services are provisioned and will provide a single point of service.

The fibre optic connection directly into the home delivers all the entertainment and communication services - Broadband, Telephone and Television via 4 single-mode fibres to each dwelling.

FreeviewHD, SkyQ, FreeSat and DAB radio services available to appropriate home owner set-top box, internet enabled televisions and DAB radios, all without having to put an aerial on your new home. Homeowners can bring their telephone or use our very competitive VOIP telephone services and all this along with a top of the range Wi-fi box ready the day they walk in.

The Benefits

  • ISP Neutral Network
  • Hyper-fast, symmetrical speeds up to 1Gbs
  • Future-Proof infrastructure and technology
  • Day one connectivity
  • Centralized network with Meet Me room – single point of service
  • Fibre Integrated Reception System (FIRS)
  • No Satellite dishes or TV aerials - Aesthetics and savings for home-owner
  • Smart Services provision for future requirements
  • 4 Fibres per unit
  • 24 x 7 Support services
  • Telephone VOIP services
  • High quality router & Wi-Fi coverage

Typical Pricing for Broadband Packages with Wifi

Typical Pricing for Telephone Packages

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