i-MO – Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery in a box!

With the recent underground fire in Holborn, London communications were affected to such an extent that many businesses were left without connectivity and could not operate effectively without an immediate solution. i-MO distributor 4Gon Solutions were able to supply an i-MO device to at least one company delivering super-fast connectivity and super-fast set-up allowing this large scale blaze to be merely inconvenient, rather than seriously debilitating to the business in question.

The much publicised underground electrical fire sparked chaos amongst businesses with 5,000 people having to be evacuated, 3,000 properties left without power, broadband services down and eight theatres had to cancel performances. Fire fighters struggled to contain the blaze for 36 hours before finally bringing it under control on Thursday 2nd April.

Such unpredictable events make clear the importance of disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

To help businesses with all aspects of business continuity and disaster recovery, we are pleased to provide a portfolio of solutions e.g.:

Connectivity Solutions

  • Bonded 3G/4G Router products which allow you to aggregate mobile data links in order to instantly provide a reliable internet connection at remote, temporary, mobile, new and unserved locations.
  • Bonded ADSL and FTTC services where landlines are readily available but do not individually provide the bandwidth or reliability which your business requires.
  • Leased line services for very high bandwidth requirements.

Private Application Hosting

A range of Application Hosting services from our “Tier1” UK Datacentre. Rather than running your own IT in-house we offer you the option of virtualising your existing infrastructure, offsite, in a private cloud environment.

Public Cloud Services

Expertise in migrating from in-house IT infrastructure to a variety of popular “cloud” based services e.g. Microsoft Office 365, Amazon Web Services.

Benefits include:

  • Cost saving – no requirement to invest in servers and software.
  • Minimal support overhead – does away with the need to maintain, upgrade, patch and secure in-house servers.
  • Eliminates the need for in-house backup and disaster recovery plans.
  • Enables seamless remote working from any location – even if you can’t access your office, you can continue your business from an alternative location with minimal downtime.
  • Infinitely scalable – flex up or down user numbers, applications and storage resources. Pay only for what you need.
  • Exceptional reliability. Cloud service providers typically offer 99.99%+ availability.
  • Tools / methodologies for migrating from in-house to cloud based services are well established.