Private 5G / LTE Cellular Network

Private 5G / LTE Cellular Network is a local cellular network that includes cell sites and core network servers dedicated to supporting the connectivity of a specific organization’s requirements independent of the public Mobile Network Operators.

It enables organisations to customize their networks for mission-critical applications, optimise the network for low latency and support specific SLAs – all without interference from the often congested public wireless spectrum.

More specifically Private 4G offers:

  • Reduced latency for low delay-centric applications such as industrial automation, autonomous operations, high-definition video etc.
  • Exceptional resiliency for applications such as end-user safety and mission-critical applications.
  • Enhanced mobility because the solution has been designed for high-speed mobility and allows increased mobile roaming with appropriate security.
  • Offers configurable quality of service which is ideal for mission-critical lifeline and production-critical automation use-cases.

Private LTE/4G is also suitable for a wide variety of distributed enterprise use cases, including stadiums, hotels, airports, amusement parks, ports, mines, oil/gas extraction, warehouses, factories, agriculture, elements of smart cities and public safety. Other applications for private LTE/4G involve remote areas with poor public cellular coverage.

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High capacity

Keep all your staff well connected to your business applications.


Connectivity for business-critical, mobile applications with seamless handovers to public networks.


A system designed to keep your business working with a reliable communications network.


A network that has built-in encryption and authentication capabilities to protect your operations and data from cyber threats.


Keep pace with growing connectivity demands of staff, applications and IoT devices, with low latency and excellent data rates.

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