We offer Bonded DSL connectivity solutions direct to UK based businesses.

Bonded DSLIf you already have a DSL connection but are frustrated by the speed and reliability of your connection, Bonded DSL may be the solution you are looking for.

The i-MO multichannel Bonded DSL router is ideal for providing a small branch office, home office, or temporary locations, with a high performance, resilient connection to the Internet or corporate LAN.

Bonds multiple connections

i-MO allows you to combine or bond 2 DSL lines for unrivalled speed and uptime. You can also further add to the resilience by enabling failover to a 3G / 4G connection.

Bonds intelligently:

The i-MO bonding algorithm automatically distributes traffic across available connections and manages these to achieve optimal performance. Also offered is the facility for automatic failover between primary (e.g. DSL) and secondary (e.g. wireless) connections.

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