We offer a range of connectivity solutions direct to UK based businesses.

EMS provides connectivity, edge computing, system planning, application development, implementation, infrastructure management and hosting services and solutions.

EMS connects UK businesses by providing Bonded 4G & 5G, 4G 5G Fixed IP SIM Cards, Private LTE/4G/5G Local Cellular Networks and Point to Point & Point to Multipoint Microwave Broadband.

5G Router and xDSL Bonding services

If you already have a XDSL, 4G or 5G connection but are frustrated by its speed and reliability our Bonding Technology may be right for you. The i-MO OptiBond multichannel Bonded Router is ideal for providing a branch office, home office, or temporary locations, with a high performance, resilient connection to the Internet or corporate LAN.

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Private 4G/5G Local Cellular Network

Private 4G/5G is suitable for a wide variety of distributed enterprise use cases, including stadiums, hotels, airports, amusement parks, ports, mines, oil/gas extraction, warehouses, factories, agriculture, elements of smart cities and public safety. Other applications for private 4G/5G involve remote areas with poor public cellular coverage.

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Point to Point & Point to Multipoint Microwave Broadband

Microwave has the ability to offer ultra-high capacity over moderate distances making it a true fibre replacement up to 5kms. It is now possible to achieve over 10Gbps full duplex (in both directions) from a single backhaul link.

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4G & 5G Fixed IP SIM Cards

4G/5G Fixed IP SIM Cards

Our 4G/5G Fixed IP SIM Cards are available from the leading Mobile Network Operators and offer a high speed connection with a static, public IP address. This means that users can use the SIM card with their 4G/5G router and connect to that router remotely using the static IP address and therefore configure the 4G/5G Router for port forwarding to devices on the LAN.

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