EMS Global Roamfree SIMs for Logistics:

1. Real-time Data and Control: real-time data and control over all of a business’ assets, both nationally and globally allowing logistics companies to track shipments in real time, regardless of their location.

2. Maintain Special Conditions: temperature, humidity – EMS Global Roamfree SIMs can facilitate M2M communication to ensure special conditions are maintained.

3. Surveillance and Security: connect security applications within the logistics industry such as alarms, CCTV, biometric scanners, access control systems, and vehicle tracking. EMS Global Roamfree SIMs with sensors can alert if freight is being accessed, reducing loss and preventing unauthorised access.

4. Efficiency Management: Data provided by EMS Global Roamfree SIMs can help manage efficiencies within the logistics process. Visibility on device health and routes for analysing.

5. Seamless Network Transition: EMS Global Roamfree SIMs transition between networks without loss of coverage, ensuring the best connectivity available, ideal for mobile assets.

From £20 / 10GB EU

Order your trial SIM https://buff.ly/3ENXRS3

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