EMS iMo Athonet starter kit network in a box

EMS new 225 5G router bonds internet from several sources for fast performance and high resiliency.

EMS + i-Mo + Athonet Starter Kit – full end-to-end products and services for a pop up LTE/5G private mobile network.

The EMS + i-Mo + Athonet Starter Kit  combo solution provides a solution ideal for POCs, demo’s, pilots and testing scenarios.

EMS has developed a wrapper including products and services for the Athonet Starter Kit that allows any site anywhere to set up a pop up LTE/5G private mobile network.

EMS has added in a service wrapper to help organisations install, configure and help manage the pop up LTE/5G private mobile network.

EMS developed iMO 225 5G router in response to industry demand in events, logistics and construction for instant setup, fast, high performance internet.

The EMS 5G wifi router bonds internet connections from multiple sources to deliver high performance internet.

EMS has also added in as an option its i-Mo that can provide LTE/5G backhaul from the pop up LTE/5G private mobile network. The i-Mo uses the public mobile network and can bond multiple LTE and 5G connections to provide the necessary backhaul bandwidth. The addition of the i-Mo allows the user of the Athonet Starter Kit to connect without the need for permanent fixed network connection local to the pop up LTE/5G private mobile network or without the need to connect to the corporate IT network which often is difficult or time consuming to put in place. Using a separate network connection speeds up set up and removes any security concerns or delay around connecting to the corporate IT network.

The Athonet Starter Kit includes the Athonet mobile core software and server, choice of LTE or 5G indoor or outdoor radio, SIM’s and other components for an instant network in a box if required such as indoor 5G CPE, 5G smartphones etc.

About EMS i-Mo EMS i-Mo bonded internet routers provide instant internet connectivity by aggregating available sources of internet.

About Athonet network in a box Athonet 5G-SA starter kit includes mobile core, choice of radio, SIM/eSIM and other components for an instant network in a box.

Read more about EMS iMO 225 5G router here – FAQ https://ems-uk.com/i-mo-225-5g-router-faq-bonded-router/