Some benefits of bonded routers are:

  • They can increase the speed and reliability of internet connection by combining multiple broadband lines into one.
  • They can provide redundancy and backup in case one or more of the lines fail or become congested.
  • They can offer more flexibility and scalability than single-line connections, as they can adapt to changing bandwidth needs and availability.
  • They can improve the quality of service and performance of applications that require high-speed and low-latency internet, such as video streaming, online gaming, or cloud computing.


Often if you need internet where there are no fixed lines there are not many alternatives to bonded routers. The best bonded routers will use a cellular connection, for example 4G or 5G and failover to satellite or other networks. EMS iMO OptiBond fails over to up to 3 cellular networks (in total a choice of 4 SIM slots) AND LEO satellite, for example Starlink.

  • Satellite broadband: This is a type of wireless internet that uses satellites orbiting the earth to transmit and receive data. Satellite broadband can provide internet access in remote areas or areas where other types of internet are not available or reliable. However, satellite broadband can also have some drawbacks, such as high latency (delay), weather interference, data caps, and high cost2.


The costs of bonded internet can vary depending on the number and type of broadband lines that are combined, the provider and the plan that are chosen, and the equipment and installation that are required. However, in general, bonded internet can be more expensive than other ways to connect in remote places where there are no fixed lines, such as mobile broadband, satellite broadband, fixed wireless broadband, or community broadband.

Bonded internet will always provide greater resilience and greater speed.

Therefore, bonded internet can be more costly than other ways to connect in remote places where there are no fixed lines, but it can also offer some advantages, such as higher speed, reliability, and flexibility. However, the best option for each user may depend on their specific needs, budget, and location.

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