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Warehouse Technology Development

Warehouses and the supply chains that feed them are constantly evolving but the technology that underpins warehouse and supply chain automation is also developing at an incredible rate. In 2019 there were 4,000 robotic warehouses in operation worldwide but by 2025 this number will have risen to 4m commercial robots working in 50,000 warehouses across the globe (12-fold increase in the span of just six years). The key to having a successful smart warehouse is not these robots or the management systems but the network connectivity that is helping logistics organisations operating warehouse and distribution centres globally to drive operational efficiencies and accelerate digital transformation.


Ultimately, operators of warehouse and distribution centres must deal with some key challenges: redundant processes, poor facility layout, seasonality in demand, high labor costs and inaccurate inventory. The way to do this is to manage more data and connect physical and digital assets, to improve what is known as ‘real-time decision making’ and introduce more automation. LTE/5G and wireless communications can help operators of warehouse and distribution centres achieve these goals by helping them on their digital transformation. In Germany, Thyssenkrupp installed a LTE/5G network on one of its sites including its warehouse and using a new mixed reality application have experienced a 20% boost in efficiency in order processing.


Electronic Media Services (EMS) has been at the forefront of working with operators of warehouse and distribution centres looking to implement bonded fixed and wireless connectivity solutions and now has expanded its portfolio of solutions to now offer LTE/5G private mobile networks. Contact us to chat about how a LTE/5G private mobile network can help your warehouse or distribution centre.