i-MO OptiBond News - i-MO 210 Product Upgrade Announced

EMS Ltd is pleased to announce important new developments relating to its i-MO Bonded Routers and the supporting OptiBond (TM) software:

Following successful beta testing i-MO 210 models will shortly be available with two Sierra Wireless category 12 cellular modems fitted. This LTE Advanced Pro Cat-12 embedded module delivers up to 600Mbps download speed and 150Mbps upload speed, offering global 4G coverage on a single module with automatic fallback to standard 4G & 3G services. The updated i-MO 210 architecture will also support future NGFF /M.2 format 5G compatible modems as they become available.

From quarter four 2019 we will offer a browser based UI allowing users to more readily manage settings on the i-MO without the involvement of EMS Support eg LAN interface configuration, bonding modes, WAN/cellular interface selection, encryption options, VPN and firewall setup plus performance and data usage reporting.

Our OptiBond (TM) software has been migrated to the VyOS platform. VyOS is a proven industry standard open source operating system which is widely supported, offers a standardised CLI, is highly secure and highly efficient. Reduced overhead and CPU load allow for improved bonding performance and enhanced bandwidth.

The updated i-MO OptiBond 210 appliance is ideal for mobile computing, networking, and industrial Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications. The device allows for the load balancing or bonding of cellular (4G), xDSL and satellite links for maximum throughput and resilience; combined with the processing power and resources required for the delivery of edge computing, artificial intelligence and internet-of-things applications.

Combined the above enhancements represent a step change in the capabilities of the i-MO OptiBond product and meet latest customer requirements in both existing and new markets including construction, broadcast, retail, mobile, disaster recovery, pre-ethernet and diverse IoT and M2M applications.