iMO 5G Router

New 5G Router

Three Times Faster than 4G

Business benefits include bandwidth to host dozens of users off a single device, failover to 4G, 3G, satellite or fixed line, superior security standards.

London, November 2022: Electronic Media Services (EMS) has designed and developed a revolutionary 5G router using multiple modems able to provide rapidly available connectivity in challenging environments.

The first 5G router in the i-MO Optibond range, the i-MO OptiBond 225 provides immediate connectivity at remote sites or where fixed lines don’t exist, for example construction sites, new premises, events & exhibitions, marine & event sites. The 225 can connect dozens of devices to fast internet securely and instantly with heavy applications running well due to superior bandwidth. Bonding modes allows aggregation over multiple 5G networks offering even greater capacity, speed & resilience.

EMS is delighted to announce that its 5G router which is a load balancing and bonded 5G cellular router, the i-MO 225, has completed its first third party interoperability 5G testing in the Athonet UK customer demonstration lab at Athonet’s London office. The 225 successfully connected to the 5G demonstration lab network connecting to a private 5G-SA network using band N77.

Andrew Lambert, EMS CEO, said “I’m delighted to offer this ground-breaking 5G router technology to solve connectivity issues for numerous industries where fixed lines are not readily or economically available when needed.”

The i-MO 225 is the first 5G bonded router available on the market. Created & developed by Electronic Media Services (EMS), the 225 is a step change in the capabilities of bonded routers designed to exceed connectivity requirements in both existing and new sectors including construction, broadcast, retail, mobile, disaster recovery, pre-ethernet and diverse IoT and M2M applications.

The 225 includes two embedded 5G cellular modems and offers:

  • Speed: up to 1000Mbps download and 100Mbps upload speed.
  • Automatic fallback to standard 4G (CAT20) & 3G services.
  • Resilience: aggregation or bonding of the two mobile network services plus one WAN link to deliver on the promise of 5G.
  • New platform: VyOS based – proven industry standard solution, common language infrastructure, highly secure, highly efficient. Reduced overhead and CPU load allow for improved bonding performance and boost bandwidth.
  • Easy to setup: browser interface allowing users to manage settings more readily without the involvement of technical support, for example:
    • LAN interface configuration,
    • bonding modes,
    • WAN/cellular interface selection,
    • encryption options, VPN and firewall setup plus performance and data usage reporting.

The 225 is ideal for mobile computing, networking, and industrial Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications. The device allows for the load balancing or bonding of cellular (5G/4G), xDSL and satellite links for maximum throughput and resilience; combined with the processing power and resources required for the delivery of edge computing, artificial intelligence, and internet-of-things applications.

Notes to Editors. About EMS: EMS is a mobile broadband pioneer which develops and markets cloud-managed distributed SD-WAN and Edge AI Computing solutions including the iMO 225 5G Router. OptiBond® SD-WAN software uses i-MO® (Intelligent Mobile Office) edge devices combining multiple data connections, including 4G, 5G and Satellite, to provide a secure reliable data connection for remote devices. OptiEdge.AI™ platform provides real-time actionable insights, especially where the data connection from the edge to the cloud is slow or unreliable. EMS has a team of hardware and software engineers with expertise in 4G/5G, Satellite communications, AI/ML, embedded systems, and application development. EMS developed and own IP in SD-WAN, Cloud, Edge Computing and Edge AI. 

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