iMO 5G Router

5g WIFI ROUTER: Fastest mobile and portable internet over bonded cellular 5G / 4G connections.

Ideal for live video broadcast or automotive and mobile buses or maritime – yachts, ferries, ports and mobile moorings.

Instant (next day) delivery, rent by the day or month.

Bond two cellular links from up to 4 mobile networks plus 2 ethernet ports. iMO mobile broadband 5G wifi routers are ideal for video streaming or data applications for many users.

iMO mobile broadband routers are super fast & provide reliable mobile internet on the go: iMO OptiBond 5G wifi router technology provides the fastest and most reliable internet even in challenging & mobile environments.

Built-in firewall, router, battery option.

Deploy 5G / 4G bonding for flexible and scalable corporate SD WANs – iMO 5G wifi router

Are you looking to implement a cellular bonding solution in your site or business? Bonding wireless broadband connections such as 4G /LTE or even 5G with the iMO OPtiBond virtual leased line enables the following advantages:

  • Super flexible SD WAN solution for remote sites with limited connectivity options and no fixed lines
  • Professional connectivity for mobile applications (vehicles, maritime, logistics, media, broadcasting etc)
  • Low latency with failover to support interactive applications and video streaming – highly resilient
  • Enhanced reliability bonding multiple 4G / LTE connections from different carriers
  • Static Public IP address at mobile / remote sites
  • Start to finish bi-directional Quality of Service (QoS) to dynamically prioritise traffic on a per-packet basis over multiple internet connections
  • The i-MO OptiBond bonding solution bonds the combination of multiple 4G/5G connections from different carriers into an optimized, virtual fat-pipe. The resulting internet connection has increased stability, reliability and flexibility which you can also deploy in remote areas which have limited telecommunication infrastructure. Cellular bonding enables a professional connectivity solution while on the go. It enables lightning fast internet speeds in automobiles and maritime as well as reliable high upload throughput for broadcasting events in remote locations.

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