The Challenge

In recent years there has been dramatic growth in the use of UAV / Drones for numerous applications in sectors as diverse as warfare, security and construction. Streaming video, audio and other information to a ground controller is established technology; but reliably transmitting that on across the internet for review / decision making by remote personnel is more of a challenge.

The Solution

i-MO OptiBond Professional Bonding Routers address the issues of maximising available bandwidth and 100% resilience by aggregating and balancing your combined internet access, eg diverse 4G services, fixed line services, satellite etc. Our unique OptiBond software enables you to easily prioritise critical applications such as VPN, VoIP etc. through your strongest channels. Our automatic failover/back feature means if one channel goes down, internet remains available – without interruption. EMS as the originator of commercially available Professional Bonding Routers which simultaneously aggregate diverse connections has unrivalled experience in this area.


Derbyshire Constabulary carries the responsibility for protecting people and promoting law and order across the County of Derbyshire (UK). In early 2021 the Drones /Tactical Training Team within the Constabulary were seeking a drone based solution for enhanced crowd control, primarily but not exclusively for use at football matches etc. The Force had invested in a command & control vehicle and a suitable Drone.

Wi-Fi is used to provide the up / down link between vehicle and UAV. Derbyshire needed a resilient link from the vehicle to the Internet able to deliver sufficient bandwidth from diverse locations. After evaluating various options the Drones /Tactical Training Team selected the i-MO 210 bonded 4G router. According to the Team Support Staff – the i-MO OptiBond product provides an effective solution to a major problem, proving reliable in use, meeting requirements around bandwidth and resilience and being configured to securely integrate with the Constabulary’s IT network.

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