On Wednesday 23 September, EMS hosted an online event: Virtual Events Online Workshop

With Adam Dewhurst of On Productions, Patrick Gunning and James Deadman of Wired Broadcast, and Lawrence Walker of EMS, the panel discussed different aspects of remote broadcasting connectivity.

Adam Dewhurst: Putting on a Show – Virtually

Adam of On Productions spoke of his experience running real-life events and the massive learning curve in the transformation of the real to the virtual. For the event we used On Productions app and Zoom. Adam was en-route to a real-life event in New York that transitioned to online, with 5k attendees!

Patrick Gunning: Broadcasting from unusual places

Patrick Gunning of Wired Broadcast delivered an impactful presentation with loads of multimedia featuring exciting events he has participated in, including a star-studded line-up at once in a lifetime sets with with Tom Cruise, ITV, James May, Eurostar, Virgin Radio, Harry Potter, Barbara Streisand, Stevie Wonder, Celine Dion and Patrick’s personal favourite, Robbie Williams! What a life! More importantly, what great kit!

Patrick also provided some practical tools for best connectivity at your next remote event:

  1. Check with someone locally on site
  2. Potential issues RF signals
  3. Check building structure – Faraday signals
  4. Open Signal Maps
  5. Cell Mapper – postcode check
  6. LTE router or LTE Network Analyser
  7. Ofcom Site – mobile broadband checker
  8. Speedtests


James Deadman: Improved Remote Connectivity

On a more serious note, James Deadman of Wired Broadcast painted the picture of the pitfalls of the total data connection through one network, and what could happen when that network goes down, and how a multi WAN network can resolve potential problems there, and different solutions to counteract internet fail!

Lawrence Walker: Implementation

Lawrence outlined the EMS journey and spoke of the ability for no-fail connectivity with tools that are available at reasonable cost and no lead time. Lawrence also discussed some situations he had first-hand experience delivering contact connectivity to warehouses and remote broadcast locations using load-balancing tools, and easy to configure kit that made all the differences to projects that require instant, reliable internet connectivity.

The presentations were followed by lots of great questions about the value of external antennae, how and whether to bond a fibre connection, how much setup & management is required of the equipment, and the difference between virtual and real events.

Thanks to all who joined, all the best with your next virtual event and hopefully see you soon!

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